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About Us

Princeton Creative was founded by Michael Barry, MBA, a marketing consultant for small businesses, large corporations, arts organizations and non-profits. Located in Princeton New Jersey, our firm serves a variety of businesses and helps them manage change and grow using our unique holistic approach to marketing. Our creative and out-of-the-box thinking can help your company identify its best customers, find the proper marketing mix and craft messaging that creates awareness, interest, engagement and an increase in customers and revenue.

Huge changes in marketing and sales channels over the last several years have left many managers overwhelmed with the complexity and variety of new technology they are now expected to use for marketing: mobile, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, e-newsletters, videos…the list keeps growing. We can help make sense of this digital marketing chaos and find the best combination of tools for you to use so that you can focus on your real business needs. Understanding and applying the correct marketing mix for your business means time and efforts can be more effectively spent reaching your customers.

We work across a variety of industries and always start with the customer to understand their needs and preferences so we can craft a strategy and set of techniques that makes sense not only for your customer, but for you as well. Using our holistic approach, we custom tailor all our work to the business, its management, its customers and the environment in which it operates. Any other approach is just cookie cutter marketing  that simply does not work in the digital age.