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Marketing Training for Businesses in Central NJ

You and your employees are important members of the marketing team. Marketing is happening all the time, whether you realize it or not. Customer interactions, client presentations, social media interactions; these are all opportunities for good…or bad…marketing. To help you handle some of your own marketing, we have developed training workshop programs that we are pleased to offer at your place of business or in one of our area workshop locations.

Where We Teach

We would be happy to come to a location of your choice, or we can arrange for a workshop room near your business. In addition to offering training on location we have conducted workshop s for the following:

  • American Marketing Association
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Department of Labor Workforce Development Center
  • The College of New Jersey
  • DeVry University
  • The College of Saint Elizabeth
  • The New School in NYC
  • Norwalk Community College
  • CMA
  • The Johnson Education Center
  • Libraries, business organizations and private businesses.

Some of our Marketing Workshops:

Integrated Marketing Boot Camp

Full day or half day workshops to get you up to speed on the fundamentals of integrated marketing including: Market Research and Target Market Profiles, Value Proposition Development, the 4C’s, Voice of the Customer, Sensible Social Media, the Customer Journey, Budgeting and ROI and a Marketing Plan Template.

The Perfect Presentation

Never again will you be accused of committing “Death by PowerPoint." This three hour workshop shows you how to create engaging slides using only the content you really need. Fonts, colors, images animations, transitions…it’s all packed into this program, plus we also help you work on your delivery.

Social Media Marketing

If you just can’t resist doing it yourself, at least let us help you get started. After we evaluate the best possible platforms for your business, we’ll train you on how to use them without spending your entire life Tweeting. We can customize training sessions to your business, or just come to your location for a general “How To" session on the wonderful world of social media. Whatever you decide, Social media is crucial and it’s really important to put it to work for your business.

Building Your Value Proposition

Whether you are trying to market a new product, an old product, a service or just about anything that requires an exchange of value (typically money), then you will be well served by building a strong Value Proposition (VP). We hear the term often, although it is often used interchangeably with unique selling proposition, customer value proposition, benefits statement, benefit proposition, unique selling advantage or any number of other terms. It is all of those but not quite any of those alone. So what exactly is this elusive concept, why is it so important and how can you build yours to get amazing results?

Brand Management

Brand Management is an essential part of any marketing strategy, especially for small businesses. But what is it exactly? Why is defining your brand so crucial to your business’ success? This workshop answers these and other key questions while covering important brand marketing concepts including: the customers’ emotional relationship with brands, why brands matter, creating and defining both your personal and professional brand, implementing a branding strategy that differentiates you from your competition, and utilizing social media to tell your brand narrative.

We are always happy to design a workshop to meet your exact needs. Give us a call at (609) 454-3923